I didn’t realize that you could be unhappy even if you were in love.

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I really miss you and I wish somebody would tell me everything will be okay and promise me and convince me like you did

I miss you and I wish I knew you were happy and doing well because it would honestly make me feel better
but at the same time I hope you’re still sad and miss me as much as I miss you

it’s hard not to think about you when you meant so much to me for so long
sometimes I think everything with us will be okay again but then I remember that would require some major
you were a dream and now you’re farther and farther from me
I want to say it’s fading..my thoughts about you and feelings and glances and all that but it isn’t and I wish I could forget

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I can be someone’s and still be my own. Shel Silverstein  (via wolf-cub)

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… Winston Chmielinski
If you asked your girlfriend, “Do you want a Hawaiian vacation for your birthday?” and she didn’t say anything, would you buy plane tickets? If you asked someone at the grocery store, “I only have one item, do you mind if I check out ahead of you?” and they stared determinedly into space, would you cut in front of them? Why is it that “you didn’t say no” applies only to sex? Real Love: Consent—No is Less Important than Yes (via brutereason)

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